Palarang History

growth in the Creek spring 2010 Reed growth in the
Creek. Spring 2010

Llama with  
ewes and lambs spring 2010
Llama with ewes and lambs. Spring 2010

Palarang is a grazing property on the southern Monaro, New South Wales, Australia. It was first certified organic in March 2005 with the Biological Farmers of Australia, (BFA). We are now certified with the South Coast Producers Association (SCPA) Organic Certification System, (SOCS) a local peer review system that aligns well with our local selling focus.

Stock health is maintained primarily with a healthy and diverse pasture promoted by a version of Andre Voisin 'Rational' grazing and supplemented with Pat Colbey's 'Healthy' sheep and cattle mineral licks.

The management of the whole farm ecosystem is not only important but fascinating. A description of current management ideals and practices can be found here. Using enlivened approaches like Natural Sequence Farming (NSF), and Pasture Cropping to sequester carbon and build biodiversity is a driving passion. One highlight of last year was the annual 2011 Carbon Conference where passionate farmers and dedicated scientists are storing and measuring soil carbon.

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Calf Spring 2010 Calf, spring 2010 Platypus  
in the Cambalong Creek spring 2010
Platypus in the Cambalong
Creek. Spring 2010.