Select Palarang's Grass fed, Free range Meat

How to order

All beef, lamb and pork is soucesd from the Southern Monaro treeless plains around Bombala, NSW

Hillside Pastured Farm birds are free range, grown and processed on thier farm near Cowra.

All beef and lamb is grass fed and grass finished, pork and chicken is free range.

Check the checkbox next to the relevant bulk beef, lamb, pork, chicken or pack to select that product.

Enter the amount required for individual cuts in grams. ie: 1/2 a kilo = 500 grams, 1kg = 1000grams, 1.5kg = 1500grams.

I will contact you to as to how you want the your bulk purchase cut up.

The weights are a guide only as final weights and therfore final prices may vary.

We deliver to your door from the Canberra/ Queanbeyan region, Cooma down to Eden and uo the caost through the Bega Valley to Narooma and Batesman Bay. All bulk and boxed orders are freight free.

Press the Continue button, bottom of page, when your order is entered or reset to start again.

Enter any special instruction for the butcher in the textbox below.

For example; leave blade as a roast, cut steaks 1 inch thick or a 12 point rack.

Whole, half, quarters and box specials

Type kg $/kg check
Whole Lamb22.012.99
Half Lamb11.012.99
Whole Beef200.010.50
Half Beef100.010.50
Hindquarter of Beef45.011.99
Forequarter of Beef65.09.99
Whole Pig60.010.00
Half Pig30.011.00
Premium Beef Pack9.027.77
Mixed Beef Pack15.013.33
Free Range Pork Pack25.011.28
5kg beef mince pack5.010.00
11kg beef mince pack11.09.09

Hillside Pastured Farm Produce

Type kg $/kg check
Hillside Farm Chickens1.416.90
Hillside Farm Chicken Breasts1.024.70
Hillside Farm Chicken Thighs1.022.74
Hillside Farm Durmsticks1.014.50
Hillside Farm Chicken Wings1.010.40
Hillside Farm Marylands1.018.70
Hillside Farm Chicken frames2.06.50
Hillside Farm Chicken Feet0.55.20
Hillside Farm livers & hearts0.520.80

Select individual cuts in grams below.

Lamb $/kg Grams
Trim Lamb Steak45.00
Loin Chops37.00
Lamb Racks35.00
Lamb Chump Chops34.00
Forequarter Chops20.00
Deboned/ Rolled Shoulder28.00
Legs of Lamb21.00
Deboned (Butterfly) Leg24.00
Diced Lamb31.00
Lamb Stirfry25.00
Shanks (frenched)26.00
Lamb Mince20.00
Lamb Sausages20.00
Soup Bones7.00
Dog Bones3.50

Beef $/kg Grams
Eye Fillet55.00
Scotch Fillet48.00
BBQ Blade20.00
Oyster Blade20.00
Skirt Steak18.00
Minute Steak20.00
Croned Beef35.00
Rolled Roast25.00
Gravy Beef18.00
Beef Spareribs17.00
Osso Bucco17.00
Beef Mince20.00
Beef Mince Patties21.00
Beef Sausages20.00
Leek Beef Sausages23.00
Diced Beef29.00
Beef Stirfry20.00
Ox Kidney13.00
Soup Bones7.00
Dog Bones3.50
Pork $/kg Grams
Pork Loin Chops 30.00
Pork Leg Steak33.00
Pork Forequarter Chops21.00
Pork Spare Ribs21.00
Pork Roast17.00
Pork Sausages21.00
Pork Mince22.00
Diced Pork24.00