I like words and this site celebrates that fact. I like the way they shine and shimmer when stacked one way and the thoughts provoked when piled in a new, or often, in an old way.

Some of the words here rhyme, or mostly rhyme (poetry), some don't (prose) and some string together trying to tell you what I have seen as I ride around Australia on my little motorbike (blog). Nearly all the words I have arranged myself, when I have borrowed or quoted from someone else I have noted this.

As I write and build this website I'm drawn to a quote from a book I am reading on cuneiform lexical list.

The structure seem tedious and unimaginative, but it is good to remember how Roland Barthes likened dictionaries to poetry, both "places where the noun can live without its article - and is reduced to a sort of zero degree, pregnant with all past and future specifications.". Marc Van DE Mieroop : Philosophy Before the Greeks.

Tantangara Dam and Bike Summer 2019

Tantangara Dam Summer 2019