JMD Poetry

Observations from
Long Time No Sea

The ribs of God, I sometimes see in the cirrus way up high
Strip of white on blue and lilac that colour up the sky

From here I see ribs again, as they roll across the sea
Slow ripple, like a cow's flank that's been touched by bug or bee

Two nights ago I dined here and on enter heard sleepy roar
Of these ribs stretching on the sand, and in certainty I saw

A drifting light, a ship? between two trees, out from Burragga Bay
Today reveals two Monaro sea hills that are Montague, they say

So it was her lighthouse light that caught my eye and loured me away
To an unbelieved counterpane where islands move and play.

That night a blustery wind sprung up, to cool and rattle trees
Enter elemental family that lives and is the breeze

The father shook the canopy as mum ran her fingers through the sedge
Adolescents cased the rooves looking for an unnailed edge

While his family did their work the babe was left alone
And using his small yet deft skill would make fun all of his own

Just a single leaf he'd move, or a little piece of bark
Amongst the chair legs on the porch. I'd smile and I'd laugh

He'd roll a grass ball up and down with no direction seemed
But with joy in purpose, I could feel this little baby gleam

And when I once again enter this Cuttageeian-pane
I sure, if I am very quiet, I'll hear this wind-child's name.

22nd day of 2017