I'll say she because if I'm wrong it's less an insult.
As strength and bravery I've seen in nature is in the female or anima.

She shimmied off the road, quickly and with surprising agility.
Her span of over two meters folded on her back.
She was still moving as I sped past, she with no skyward intent, and I, leaning into the next corner.

First thoughts are always interesting, their ease of birth lies at odds with their often uneasy comprehension.
As I topped the rise and saw her, mine was 'don't be embarrassed.'

Later, explaining thoughts came;
'You are still just as grand on your talons as on your wings.'
'You looked realer on the ground, bigger and brighter, like a horizoned moon.'

Then later still;
'I hope she wasn't hurt. Perhaps she didn't lumber, like an Air Force Hercules, slow and majestically into the sky because she couldn't:(??