Coffee in the city

Coffee in the city
Sometime hit than miss
Times a cup of corporate greed
And times a cup of bliss

I like to hunt my cup
As some hunt feed or fame
As down narrow ally's
I sniff, then tread with aim

Hoping for aroma
To lead me to its den
Where green beans dance and toast and tan
To calm the hearts of men


Quite, I join the gathered
As down it slows the day
Well before my lips touch cup
My woes have fled away

The young girls conversate
The student pauses, types, then thinks
A mans angry tattooed face?
Can scarce withhold its wink

Behind me roaster turns
Sharing round its heat
Above, a mirror ball rotates!
Shards light are dancing fleet

When I photoed his set up
He told, with spark in eye
How each morn trough wholey roof
Holy light to ball, beams fly

Sated and replent
I leave, once more renewed
And skip back onto my path
The bean once more imbued