The Heart of Autumn

Autumn light rests lazy between two doors
One, stands closing on the spring
Through spills glowing embers latent
That swell and give and twine the soul in sing

The black cockatoo seems to pause, and rest on air
A gondolier with wise and measured stride
Its tail flashes gold, the pigments stilled
From the photons its wings caress and glide

Some find this lights portent too heavy, it's weight
Hangs on their heart, like bleached dry autumn leaves
They pale, and fall unable to rejoice
In this resting space offered to mind, and trees

The Easter tide spills children out of school
Handheld, they are ushered cross the road
Of fellow jetsam, stuck aloof in cars
That clog streets and roundabouts, an autumn ode

At dusk the honey dewed glow runs lateral
Towards the door that Boreas holds agar
Gabriel's outstretched wing hovers in the light
That Boreas fashions to his sky sung scar

In the morning, brisk with jacks lace white
Gentle beams stream eager to the fray
They dance gay Morris Mays in peels
Melting frost and fevers, making new this day

To the north, a crease in the horizon
Portents winter and the freshness it will bring
Though woven through the frost and bitter cold
Is a thread that will lead us back to spring

Seldom, it seems, are we happy for what we have
We long for cold when hot, and heat when blue
Fret not, your heeds are noted, comfort sent
Note also, these take six months to come through

Summers heat is in answer to the snow
And chilling is to comfort the suns leer
A perplexing state that one can not escape
'Cept in the shoulders of the year

Now we can snuggle in the night
With wood, brightly warm and cart
Dressed heavy, when the light ignites the day
We moult to reveal our autumn heart