Just a Road?

I took the Bobundra road, from Berridale
It was just after ten
A winter sun rode on my left
As I crossed the Wullwye fen
All was new, this day, to me
I met, anew, a friend

The black swans paired on spring fed dam
Their regal necks intwined
The granite stacked upon itself
In some forgotten rhyme
Marking diprotodon territories?
Like wombats, factor timed

Bobundra creek, ahead of me
Carves a gorge before my eyes
A silhouette stands over all
It draws and causes syes
"Jinny Brother", raising up his crown
Climbs, purpose, to the sky

I bit my track farewell, and turn
Chasing the Springfield thru
Run up the spur that leads to 'belle
And drink, again, the view
As Boco blades and Bobundra plains
wave adios, adieu